Restdown Subscription Box

  • '17 Organic Shiraz

    Delicious licorice, soft, dark berries & earthy, herbaceous, savoury characters. Low in Sulphites

    $16.00 each
  • '18 Organic Merlot

    A natural yeast (or wild) ferment has produced this exquisite, medium-bodied merlot.

    $24.00 each
  • '21 Organic Semillon

    A fresh burst of lemons and limes, the perfect wine for Summer. Low in Sulphites

    $22.00 each
  • '21 Organic Katherine

    Sangiovese Rosé vibrant, joyous hue of ripe watermelon - a celebration in a glass! Drink Cold or Lightly Chilled.

    $25.00 each
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