Soggy Farm Restdown


Like many of you around the nation, we've had more than our usual share of rain this year, and it just keeps on coming!!! With the nearby towns of Echuca and Barham on high alert this weekend, our thoughts are with those in the firing line.

Happy Cows but Delays with Beef

On the upside, the regular rainfall has meant our cows will be fat and happy for many months to come and irrigation water will not be required in the foreseeable future. The struggle for the past few months has been with access to our cattle yards . Our beef customers will be aware of the delays we've been experiencing in transporting steers out for processing and subsequently, we've had no beef available for several weeks.  Hopefully this won't continue for too much longer.

Member's Dozen Coming Soon

Member's of our wine club, the Restdown Revellers will be aware that it's almost time to roll out our Member's Dozen for 2022. Our selection for this year is a an absolute cracker, with some beautiful aged reds, including our new release 2018 Wild Merlot and a wide selection of whites. The Sangiovese Rose makes an appearance too! Expect another email in your inbox shortly with details and delivery/payment arrangements. If you'd like to know more about joining our wine club and receiving 15% off all your wine purchases, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Rowdy by name

Earlier this year, we welcomed a new addition to the farm with the arrival of a young bull, Rowdy! To quote his breeder Debbie, "he's got a bit o' leg under him!" Don is thinking of entering Rowdy into the Cow Olympics. High jump, steeplechase or perhaps even pole vault would be his area of expertise, as he clears fences without any trouble, choosing his paddock at will. The girls seem impressed however and we're expecting some beautiful calves next year!

Gracie Pup

Any of you who've visited Restdown as part of a tour group, will no doubt have been impressed with our kelpie, Gracie. She is the real star of Restdown visits, wooing guests with her glamorous good looks, speed, athleticism and stimulating conversation. She's also our chief pest eradication officer (4 bunnies this week at last count) and indispensable cattle mover. She's been a godsend with all the water laying around in the paddocks, as we are unable to drive on much of the farm. Instead she crosses channels without hesitation, bounds through the wet paddocks with a big grin and guides the animals to where they need to go to find dry ground. She's definitely earning her keep at the moment.

New website coming soon!

We are in the throes of designing a new updated website. Hoping to launch by the end of the year, it will provide a simpler, easier journey for the user and it's looking very swish in draft format! If the old website gives you any trouble with ordering or contacting us, please let us know. It's definitely ready for retirement!