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Welcome to Restdown

Certified Organic Winery, Farm and Wetland


Working with Nature

Our 1100 acre, certified organic beef farm, vineyard, winery and wetland walk along the Backroads Trail in southern NSW, is just 40 minutes from Barham, Echuca-Moama, Deniliquin and Mathoura.

Encompassing Restdown Wines and Jungle Lane Beef Co, Restdown is a multi-award winning agricultural haven working with nature, guided by strong principles of sustainability, with organic and biodynamic practices to produce the tastiest, most nutritious beef and finest, handcrafted boutique wines, we possibly can.

Minimising our carbon footprint through the use of solar power, providing the best of care and animal welfare practices for our animals, embracing organic and bio-dynamic practices and recycling our resources to create a healthy ecosystem full of bio-diversity, results in deliciously healthy, clean green products. All in a day’s work at Restdown.

The Restdown Wetland is an important part of our sustainability. Wetlands are the kidneys of the Earth, filtering our groundwater and providing important habitats for a huge range of plants, animals and insects. Bio-diversity is vital to agriculture, promoting pollination and balancing insect populations to assist with pest management. To this end, we have formed a number of partnerships with organisations who research environmental sustainability and manage natural resources.

Restdown Wines

Working with nature’s best!


Our Wines

…with attention to every detail

Restdown Wines are produced right here at Restdown, from vine to bottle. The grapes are grown in our certified organic vineyard and are carefully nurtured in our underground winery to create outstanding wines that reflect the natural purity of our organic environs and the seasonal influences which are unique from year to year.

Made with Passion

…for your pleasure

The vines are given the utmost care and attention to detail. Hand pruning and harvesting, mulching techniques, bio-dynamic preparations made here on the property and minimal intervention, traditional, hands-on winemaking with low use of sulphites, are key to the resulting wines; fresh, fruit driven wines, which are a true reflection of the season and the site.


Savour the character

…in every bottle

Our cellar currently boasts a satisfying range of reds, whites and rosé. An early pick, crisp, dry semillon, perfect with seafood, an elegant Burgundian-style chardonnay, capturing the fruit flavours of early summer, a rich, velvety, full-bodied merlot,  barrel-aged and cellared for a minimum of 3 years – perfect with chargrilled anything or smoked meats, a medium-bodied elegant shiraz and a Summer favourite, our Provencale-style sangiovese rosé. All wines are hand picked, low in sulphites, certified organic and excellent wines to match with food.

Restdown Verjus

only natural australian ingredients

The secret ingredient

…made from our organic grapes

What is Verjus? I’m glad you asked! Verjus is a non-alcoholic, semi-ripe grape juice. It’s made from our certified organic Semillon grapes, hand picked early, once the sugar level is just right. The grapes retain their tart, acid content making verjus perfect for cooking or drinking. But what it does is give a recipe acidity without the hammer of a true vinegar, lifting and enhancing the flavour.

Visit our Blog Spot, Click here for great recipe ideas from risotto to mocktails.

Jungle Lane Beef Co

We love our cows!


Certified Organic Beef

…it’s only natural

Here at Restdown we’re blessed with an abundance of native trees, vegetation and room to roam, creating a wonderful certified organic environment for our herd of happy and healthy Hereford cows.

Caring for our animals is our highest priority, with their well being firmly at the forefront of all our decision making here on our farm.

The Hereford breed is famous for its calm nature and mothering ability. Allowing them to graze only on naturally occurring grasses and pastures full of nutrition and natural health-giving properties, means the resulting meat is succulent, flavoursome and tender. Here’s what our customers have to say….

We currently sell our beef in 5kg and 10kg boxes, exclusively to customers who have registered on our “Beef Lovers” List.  Our Beef Boxes include a range of mixed cuts providing options for both slow and speedy meals. From scotch fillet to roasts to premium mince and stewing cuts, our entire beef range is top quality, organically grown right here at Restdown and full of flavour. You won’t eat better! Please get in touch if you’d like more information or to enquire about joining our ‘Beef Lovers” List. In addition, you can also purchase individual cuts of organic beef from our cellar door (subject to availability) when you next visit.


The Restdown Wetland Walk

The Wetland Walk

…experience true Australia

The Restdown Wetland Walk is an amazing nature experience, incorporating Aboriginal cooking hearths and scar trees, an old sheep camp, an outdoor classroom and boardwalk across the wetland. Enjoy a leisurely self-guided bush walk or book in for a guided walk through the landscape and experience true Australian history and nature, up close.

School groups are welcome to book ahead and can be provided with educational materials and guest speakers. Click here to enquire about pricing and education programs.



and be in touch with nature




As organic producers, your wellbeing is always at the forefront of our minds, so it goes without saying that we will continue to follow all public health protocols.

Welcoming visitors is what we look forward to, so we can share our passion for organic food and wine and sustainable farming with you, but in everyone’s health interests we encourage you to stay home and look after yourselves and others, if you’re unwell. 

Our opening hours are Fridays and Saturdays, 10.30am – 4pm. Bookings are essential.



To enquire about visiting Restdown please complete the form below.

We’d hate to miss you, so as Restdown is a working farm, please contact us first to arrange your visit. We have a number of wonderful options for you to choose from.

Just a Walk:

*A self-guided walk around the wetland $7 per person.
*A guided walk around the wetland $15 per person (for groups of 6 or more).

The Basic Tasting:

$10 per person includes:
*A brief tour of the winery with the winemaker or vigneron.
*Your group’s choice of 4 wines to taste from our current release range.

Taste & Nibble:

$28 per person includes:
*A brief tour of the winery with the winemaker or vigneron.
*Your group’s choice of 4 wines to taste from our current release range.
*A platter of organic and locally sourced, seasonal nibbles.

The Lunch Platter and Tasting:

$40 per person includes:
*A brief tour of the winery with the winemaker or vigneron.
*Your group’s choice of 4 wines to taste from our current release range.
*A gourmet lunch platter of fantastic local produce including terrine, cheeses, handmade bread, and seasonal treats from local producers and the Restdown kitchen garden.


Why not make a visit to Restdown part of a regional adventure and discover more of the wonderful nature-based, food & wine experiences our area has to offer! Our friends will be pleased to help you experience the best of the bush.


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Pacdon Park

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Coming Up


  • Vintage is upon us!
  • Our cellar door has reopened for bookings Fridays and Saturdays. Yay!!


  • The Restdown Wetland will receive an Autumn watering.
  • Our cows will begin calving.


  • We begin rolling out the 2022 Jungle Lane Beef Boxes.




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To arrange your visit to Restdown or make other inquiries,
simply call …

Jo for Restdown Wines

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Don for Jungle Lane Beef Co.

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