What is Verjus?

Verjus is a non-alcoholic, semi-ripe grape juice. It is made from our award winning Semillon grapes, hand picked once the sugar content is just beginning to develop. The grapes retain their tart acid content, making the verjus perfect for both drinking and cooking.

The flavours of lime and green apple lend themselves to salad dressings, Asian stir fries, basting your favourite roast or deglazing the pan for gravies and sauces. It is also ideal for poaching chicken or fish or even fruit for a fresh, luscious dessert.

Those wishing to avoid alcoholic drinks will also be delighted by the refreshing taste of verjus. Drink it straight or mixed with sparkling mineral water or tonic, for a fabulous non-alcoholic spritzer.

Price: $10/ 375mL bottle, $30/ 2L cask.

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