Visit our Walking Trail

Why not take some time out to visit our 1.4km walking trail and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the Australian bush?

Along the trail you will see signs of natural as well as human heritage, as you pass by an Aboriginal hearth and scarred tree, signs of early pastoral settlement such as an old sheep camp and ringbarked trees as well as modern farming practices including new tree plantings, bat boxes and irrigation recycling projects. Who knows, you may also catch a glimpse of one of our resident goannas, rare bird species (such as the Bush Stone Curlew, Superb Parrot and Grey Crowned Babbler) or kangaroos.

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The trail is an easy 1 hour walk to 45 minutes walk over flat ground and takes you beside an old river system that existed around 25,000 years ago. Now a natural ephemeral wetland and black box woodland, this area is an example of one of Australia's most highly diverse and productive environments, drying out periodically to create a broad range of habitats which change over the cycles of wetting and drying. Bird watchers, historians, conservationists, school groups, nature lovers and holiday makers will all find something of interest to delight the senses, as they stroll around this tranquil reserve which remains to this day, an integral part of our working farm.

This project has been completed with financial assistance
from the Murray Wetlands Working Group.