Restdown Virtual Vineyard

Ever dreamed of owning your own vineyard?

Experience a year amongst the vines in our Virtual Vineyard!


A great gift idea for wine lovers and connaisseurs!

Subscribe to our Virtual Vineyard and learn how great wines develop from the vine to the bottle, in our environmentally sustainable, chemical free vineyard.

A limited number of subscriptions are available for this unique opportunity to learn how we produce full-bodied, fruit driven wines with minimal intervention and minimal sulfur.

A Unique Opportunity!

The Virtual Vineyard is perfect for anyone mad about wine and keen to know the secrets of how great wine is grown and produced.

An annual subscription will bring you closer to the workings of our boutique vineyard and winery as you watch the vines progress throughout the growing season towards harvest. You'll experience the highs and lows of life amongst the vines without needing to leave the comfort of your home, unless of course you choose to come and visit the vines in person!

You will be able to purchase great Restdown Wines at special subscription prices and visit our unique underground winery for your own personalised tour and tasting session and much, much more.

To find out more and to register for this exclusive opportunity contact us.